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    mariko posted an update 4 years, 10 months ago

    Sometimes I feel so crappy about being 21 and being 4’10 and quite petite. In my mind and my family’s mind and friends everyone thinks is a body type like any other.. I mean I even started to exercise and eat healthy (but well) , but.. when someone tells you that you look like 12.. let’s say my self esteem went down hill.. however I’m not letting comments like this stop me. SO done. So I decided to train my sister for her volleyball team cause I’ve practiced and I asked my mum to buy me more vegetables , rice, pasta, fish, all types of healthy food in good portions and I’m going to go out with a friend soon to buy some makeup, not to hide my features but to show them more and feel good about myself. In summary: You get affected by comments only if you let it happen.

    • You are beautiful and amazing inside and out @marikofujimoto, please be kind to yourself Mariko, don’t let the mean comments of anyone get you down, truly love every part of yourself sweetie, stay healthy in a way that makes you feel happy, look in the mirror and smile at the wonderful person you see staring back at you Mariko, you can do it hun, I’m always here for you Mariko, stay strong, you are never alone :) <3 (hugs)

    • yeah dude, me trying to get some drinks from the bottle shop and the security guard asks for my id, apparently i don’t look over 18.. i’m 20 D:

    • @yamoros12 the struggle of reaching shelfs I relate so much xd . But hey even though I hear alot of crap about my height I still believe short people are adorable, therefore you are too ^-^

    • @oliver thank you so much. Sometimes is hard but I’m trying my best