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    madmath posted an update 6 years, 2 months ago

    So there is this guy I’ve known for four years, and He is my best friend. He is the only person who has regularly kept up with me after graduating. He is the only one of my friends that knows my complete situation, about my emotionally abusive grandma, and my depression. He is really supportive, even though he has been on his mission for the last two years, and on the opposite side of the country. He is the most amazing guy ever. Unfortunately i have to hide my friendship with him because my grandma doesn’t like him. He called me this morning, and even though he only got to say Hi, (my nickname)[the first time he has used it verbally because i only recently started using it]; hearing his voice for the first time in two years made my bad day 500% better. We are really great friends, and so i don’t want to ruin it by telling him that i think I ‘like’ him, but i know if i never say anything i’ll never know if he likes me back. Also He is mormon and knows that i will never convert, and mormons usually don’t date non mormons. So I’m just really freaking out. And i’m afraid that i’m going to screw up and say something stupid when we see each other this saturday for the first time in two years.

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    • Don’t think that love is so weak to be separated by a mere religion (Yes, religious beliefs can be really a ”strong barrier” between two people, but since you know each other since quite a while I don’t think it will go that way)
      Is up to you to take the risk, live with the regret of ”I should have confessed” or the thoughts of ”what if I confessed”… or confess and see the results, there are 3 things that might happen, 1 he might accept (if he loves you and had kept it in too), 2 he might reject, 3 he might take it slowly and not rush into conclusions, it will depend on how you lead it on from that part, I can tell you something, if he’s someone you love dearest not only because he understands you but because you like almost everything about him and he’s a decent guy, then changing your religion isn’t a bad idea too. Remember we only live once, it doesn’t matter what your religious belief says, have you seen any preacher wanting to die earlier to go to ”heaven”? I bet you haven’t right?
      That’s because, no matter what people say about a better life after dying, they don’t want to die, there’s a reason for that don’t you think? Is because nothing is for sure, we don’t know if there’s a heaven or not, if there’s a single god or not, if there are multiple gods or not, if there exist another dimension or ”world” were ”spirits” exist and such… and since life is only one, you can’t bet on it to see if is true or not, after you die, that’s it, what I mean with all this is that, you should better do what you can instead of regretting it later on. Try to also (if things fails) to keep being comfortable as a friend, act indifferent to the fact that you confessed and keep things comfortably, that way he wont feel pressured and there’s a chance that you can keep being good friends as before (Obviously, the confess part will be hard to forget but is not impossible)

    • I would try to talk to your friend about how you feel @madmath, tell him how you feel about him, I’m sure no matter what happens you will always be in each other’s lives, it’s fantastic that you have such a strong bond, hope everything works out, be honest with your friend and speak from the heart, you can do it, I’m always here if you need to talk, message me anytime if you want, my inbox is always open, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)