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    he came back in to my life, just to leave again. I wish I never let him back in. I hate him. I just would rather die.

    • Anyone who abandons you or leaves you isn’t worth it @luluflower22, you are such a beautiful person who deserves to be surrounded with love, hope, happiness and joy, please don’t harm yourself, you have so much strength, courage, bravery and beauty inside and out, hold your head up high and keep going forward, you will meet your prince, your knight in shining armour one day, stay positive, believe in yourself and never give up, you can do it, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • When I broke up with my ex, her thought oftentimes slipped back into my mind. It held enough power to make her feel physically there again, and I’d find myself back at square one. Rebuilding myself and my emotional state, coping with the fact that, wow, she really is gone.

      It’s a lousy thing to have to deal with, I know. I can’t imagine that person actually being back and the loss it must be when they’re gone again. All I had were the thoughts that would come and go, so I can understand to a very small degree, but nonetheless, understand the loss.

      But it’s the whole “square one” thing. There was a time that he wasn’t in your life, after having been in it. While those times are difficult to get through, you have to work from that square and rebuild yourself again. Death looks comforting right now, but that man causing you all of this pain is temporary. Death isn’t. And a guy who’s done this to you? Certainly isn’t worth your life.