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    lovers00 posted an update 5 years, 7 months ago

    i think ima wait to lose my virginity but i kinda want to send nudes but im scared ima get exposed again what do i do?

    • Listen, you post things on here asking for everyone’s advive constantly and with personal things in that matter, it’s really up to you. My mom always told me if you have think before you do, then that means you’re not prepared for what’s ahead. You’re young and actually if you send nudes, you will be charged for child pornography and whoever you sent it to. Depending on your town rules, you could face juvenile jail time and that will forever be on your records. Is it worth messing up your life for a cheap thrill? I highly thought so. So my answer is NO don’t do it.

    • why would you ever want to send nudes.. nowdays you can’t trust anyone, nudes usually show up online. My advice is simply don’t do it. But again is in your hands. Just make wise choises so your life doesn’t fall appart.