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    livinginhell4ever posted an update in the group Group logoCircumcision and Genital Mutilation 6 years, 10 months ago

    I’ve been giving my boyfriend foreskin devices to grow his foreskin. He is partially circumcised, I’m trying to recover what he has lost. His foreskin is three inches long and covers the two thirds of the glans when flaccid or when he’s cold. I’ve been encouraging and reminding him to wear his foreskin device so he can gain a foreskin tip. Even though he accepts his own body and is not too bothered about not having a foreskin, I feel horrible that his own mom would request it on him as soon as he was born. It was just a free hand circumcision. I feel so angry and confused I want to confront his mom on facebook although it would result in conflict that would grow into a much bigger problem. If there is anyone who is great with contacting the supernatural I would like to chat or if someone knows of a genie that can grant wishes that would make me happy.

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