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    Misha posted an update 4 years, 8 months ago

    Hey, It’s 01:03am here in England and I just need to do some late night venting… I have these conflicting feelings… I’ve been single for a long time, like a very long time. I’ve been single since I came out the womb… (Yes I’m exaggerating but it’s true as). And I kinda want to find someone but the struggle is I’m not ready for a relationship yet… It’s really annoying me because I don’t know what to do… I see other people in relationship, I act interested and not jealous but deep down I kinda am… I just want someone to be there for me romantically but I don’t want to start something with someone… Yes…it’s weird I know but it’s h how I feel…

    • Please don’t give up on finding true love @littlemissdreamer, you will meet your soulmate and knight in shining armour Misha, a strong relationship will happen to you, smile and know someone will make you truly happy one day, feel free to inbox me anytime if you want to chat Misha :) (hugs)

    • friends with benefits?

    • @littlemissdreamer I believe the problem here is that you want to know what is like. You want to know about the emotional or even physical side of it and it’s completly normal. However my advice is to not force it cause from what I read from this post of yours is that you’re becoming a bit frustrated. You want to feel loved and explore it but you’re putting alot of weight on your shoulders. Love finds its way, give yourself time to meet people and let things roll naturally. I’m sure you’ll find someone amazing with time :)
      p.s- Because you’re from the UK we have the same time zone so if you ever need to vent feel free to message me, I’m always here to help.