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    Silent Rain posted an update 7 years, 10 months ago

    I’m not sure if I still want to continue my therapy. It seems kind of pointless to me to keep paying them, just to sit there talking. I stopped taking my medication because it’s ridiculous. Medication isn’t a cure for sadness and loneliness nor for the empty feeling I have inside. There are certain things I need to fix on my own terms. All I really wanted from my therapist was my diagnose, so I would know what’s wrong with me and so I could work on that. I feel like I’m being led on because they want me to be better before diagnosing me. Maybe they can sense that I’d stop getting therapy once I’d have my diagnose, because I surely consider that.

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    • @inreverie They prescribe medication way too fast if you ask me. They barely talked to me, but they just label me with depression and prescribe me medication. Now they’re also talking about a psychiatrist so I could also get medication for the other things that bother me, which seems like they’re going too far. They should get to know me first and get to the root before prescribing me all that crap. When I have to take medication, I feel ten times worse. On Tuesday I have another appointment and I’ll surely tell exactly how I feel about it. So far talking to them hasn’t helped me. It often made me worse. Last time I ended up cutting myself after my therapy because they made me feel so much worse. Even if I’d stop my therapy, that doesn’t mean I’d have to work through things on my own. Before all this bullshit I had problems too, but I’m still alive am I not.

    • The thing is medication isn’t a cure-all and there are many cases where other remedies should be tried first in my opinion, such as exercise,mindfulness,healthy diet, yoga(I know a guy who swears by acupuncture-always been too afraid of needles to try it myself) (I once had hypnotherapy recommended to me by a counsellor for flashbacks and nightmares-and know a few people who highly recommend it but that thought terrifies me too) but when you get to a stage where it’s not just feelings anymore, it’s physical pain and discomfort,where your mind just feels like its just shutting down and try to concentrate on anything feels like your looking through a smoke screen, and the tone of your voice starts loosing emotional tone, or your just basically your life is in danger or being badly hindered, then it’s about the chemical balance in the brain and that needs to be regulated back up -that’s not something you can just work through on your own, or just talk out-there really does need to be some intervention in order for that to happen-because that’s the illness and that’s not your fault,never your fault even if your brain is telling you otherwise. -not a cure all but it definitely has it’s place and is necessary in some cases.
      Having said all of that if you really don’t like taking them then they can actually have a negative effect because it can add to that loss of sense of control.
      But if you get nothing else from what I have said,please remember that what your going through is NOT your fault!

    • @dandelionsrbeautiful I’d be open to try other remedies first, before having to resort to medication. I already have certain things in mind that could help me in a positive way.

    • What form of therapist are you seeing? I’de recommend visiting a clinical psychlogist. They arent authorised to distiburte psychotic drugs and are preobably more likely to hear you out first. Or try another clinic and tell them your expereince with this one. They’ll probbaly give you a more practicle treatment plan without the use of medication & may eventually reachthe stage where they give you a diagnosis. Just tell them your past ( current ) expereince and how its done more harm than good. I can only suggest it, but I agree where you mentioned they offer medication too soon without identifying the problem. I hope you grow enough to break out of it, after a while you realise depession and sadness in itself becomes quite addicting…

    • I’m sure you will find the right treatment for you @little-angel-2, remember you are a wonderful person who deserves happiness, you will make it through your depression, so much brightness and light will come into your life, keep fighting and please don’t give up, you can do this, always believe in yourself, hold your head up high and keep going forward, great things will happen to you, you will overcome and there is always hope, message me anytime if you need to talk :) (hugs)