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    Silent Rain posted an update 8 years, 2 months ago

    I want to cut myself and escape the reality.

    Mood : Dark
    • @tragic I don’t care how your feeling-you do not take what your feeling how on others- not cool.

    • @little-angel-2 Hope your okay, hun, deep breaths and don’t listen to haters or trolls.

    • That’s cold, even for a human.

    • Rain, don’t listen to that guy/girl! You’ve been good so far, not cutting! We’re proud of you, keep doing what you’re doing <3 *hug*

    • I don’t need a knife or a piece of a broken glass. I have blades.

    • @tragic that is some very bad advice, cutting yourself won’t solve anything and there are healthier ways to feel better. Although I would never judge anyone for doing so, I definitely wouldn’t be advising them to do so because no one deserves to be in pain.

    • @tragic I have had depression most of my life and understand pain in all of it’s intricate details, and spent years self-harming and I’m telling you that it’s just a vicious cycle, it only helps for a very short while but it brings new battles for tomorrow and makes the situation worse. It can cause feelings of guilt and shame and doesn’t solve anything. I don’t know whether your being legitimate in your concern for her pain but advising her to cause more pain is really dangerous and destructive, because it comes across as cold and callous. Please don’t spread that advice further.

    • IThat’s exactly it, your telling her to cut herself when you don’t know her history and that’s incredibly dangerous, I wouldn’t go telling an alcoholic to go drinking either, I would encourage them not to and tell them how proud I am of them for staying sober for so long, but if they did slip up, I would tell them that it’s okay, having a slip up doesn’t take away all of that hard work of staying sober in the first place, and in recovery slip up are often part of that and you just try to lengthen the time between slip up’s and try to strengthen your other coping mechanisms-I’m also an alcoholic so I get that.
      Hospitalisation isn’t the only way to recovery, and I’m sorry that so far the help you have been receiving hasn’t been working for you but please don’t take your frustration out on others.

    • Telling anyone to go cut themselves is only adding to the pain, I don’t think your words will have much effect on rain but still they are not nice words to hear, your words have power use them for good, if you can’t help stay silent, if you want to empathise say I can relate to how your feeling, but don’t add to the pain. If your not ready to give up yet that’s okay, it’s not an easy thing to do but don’t discourage people who are trying now I really gotta go get things done .
      Hope your okay rain, PM me if you want to chat later.

    • Please don’t harm yourself @little-angel-2, I’m here if you need to talk, try to be positive, I’m sure things will work out, remember you are such a beautiful human-being who deserves all the best, you can do this, you are a fighter who is so strong, message me if you want :) (hugs)

    • @dandelionsRbeautiful @silent-radiance @yazoo77 @alexxtomo @risingarpeggio @oliver No worries, what that other person said won’t really have much effect on me. I used to hear worse things from people telling me to kill myself and that I’m a waste of space and other things like that. So compared to that, this is nothing. Thank you all for your concerns, but I’ll be perfectly fine.

    • @tragic I can understand why you’d say that I don’t need people to tell me not to cut since that won’t help. However, that’s not what they’re saying at all. They all understand that slip ups happen. Though, self-harm is not something to encourage. Even if I have a strong urge to cut myself, it doesn’t help to say to just go do it and then think about it. I also want to reply to your statement about mental illnesses being retarded. They are not retarded at all. It’s not something anyone chooses to have and I’m sure you know that too, but they’re not retarded. When you make such a statement, it’s basically calling everyone who has a mental illness a retard, which is absolutely wrong. I know that having a depression sucks. Personally I’m getting help for it. I don’t think it’ll help either, but I’m giving it a chance and maybe you should give that a chance too. Getting help might not have worked for you so far, but that doesn’t mean it can’t benefit you somewhere in the future. Here on blahtherapy many people have a various amount of problems. It’s never okay to tell anyone to just go do something that’s harmful for them. For me personally it was quite shocking to read here on blah out of all places, that someone was actually telling me to go do it and how to do it. Never would I have expected that here on blah. I snapped out of it quite quickly, since I used to hear worse from others from other places, but still it wasn’t nice to read. I would never ever encourage self-harm in any way. I hope you’ll get through your problems.

    • @tragic Alex is my friend and I don’t want you to talk that way about him, or about any of my friends for that matter. They’re not idiots, none of them are. Alex was simply trying to point out how wrong your comment is. Don’t talk that way about my friends.

    • @tragic I don’t care whether you care or not. Nobody should be insulting my friends. If you would have took a moment to read, you could have seen I already stated that I’m getting help. Besides, blah is also about helping people and getting help, so don’t shoot that down. Calling me a failure? You have to do better than that, I’ve heard way worse. I’m wondering what on earth you’re doing here on blah though if all you do is try to make people feel worse and insult them. I don’t need you or anyone else to tell me how much of a failure I am. I already know that, I don’t need anyone to reassure that.