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    Silent Rain posted an update 5 years, 10 months ago

    I feel like crying, but I’m too tired to cry. Life sucks and it’s never going to change. It’s only getting worse and I’m done with it.

    Mood : Dark
    • dont be done with it , you never know what today might bring

    • I already know what today brings.

    • just try to ignore the past and all its limitations and look to the future because it has much less holding it back. things don’t have to get worse , just find something to make you smile and hold that in your heart. doing kindnesses will usually brighten your day, randomly compliment people and bring joy to others, i hope that it will reflect on to you

    • I can’t just ignore the past. I don’t see a future. Things don’t ’have’ to get worse, but they do. I’m not in the mood to smile. I can’t bring ’joy’ to others because I’m depressed and all I do is bring people down.

    • i know it might seem that way now, but emotions can be like fog on the lens, i know what value life has, i promise yours has more value then you know. sadly im limited to words in trying to convey this to you, but ill give you my words , my words , and my words (hamlet joke, i had to) to try and show you that there are ways of making things easier . both through removing stress and pain, and by getting coping tools to help

    • You know nothing about my life. I do have coping tools and I know how to use them.

    • Do you want to talk about it? I went through the same

    • That’s pretty much the last thing I feel like doing.

    • you’re right , i don’t know you personally, but that doesn’t mean im wrong about your life having value. you said all you do is bring people down, i don’t think thats right, here on this site you’ve probably helped people in very bad places, maybe even someone who was feeling the way you are now . you have had an impact on people, if nothing else you made a game that made me smile and forget all the bullshit for a day. i bet if our roles were reversed youd be trying to cheer me up, but if your gone then the joy you do bring will be gone . your a light in the world without which everything would be a little colder and a little darker