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    Silent Rain posted an update 7 years, 11 months ago

    I was on my attic and seeing all those boxes with baby clothes slapped the reality in my face again. There used to be a time where I had plans for a family of my own, but all that got lost. I wish I could just die, I’m already dead inside anyway.

    Mood : Dark
    • Don’t give up on the idea, having a family is great but lots of tribulation too. I’ve got two little girls that I love with all my heart, it has helped me grow as a person. I hope your darkness fades and you you hang on to the moments of happiness that life gives every once in awhile!

    • I already gave up on it. There’s so much required to get a family of my own and I’m not capable of those things. You’re lucky to have two girls, cherish them forever.

    • Until they grow up and hate my guts:)
      I just read your vent, proud of you for your effort to be there for family before its too late. Hang in there please.

    • Anxiety is not the reason.

    • That’s not it either. There’s no point in guessing for the reason.