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    lifeofwon posted an update 8 years, 11 months ago

    Feeling like my time is just passing me by, i am 30, single, and no children. I feel lonely, was in a long term relationship. That ended nowhere. Now I feel so discouraged and isolated. Work and home, work home is my routine. How about that, it sucks!!. I miss him but when we talk it gets me in a depressing mood.. He says us me I say is him …it’s all a mess..

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    • You can talk to me if you want , i may surprise you with the kind of help i can give . don’t let my age fool you ;) . so you”re welcome to message me at anytime .

    • thank you, i didnt check hkw old you were until you mentioned it. but, i am impressed by what u wrote on your profile. i can relate.i need to bounce back up. sucks to be in my position right now

    • well thank you . but please don’t hesitate . talking and letting everything out helps a lot , even if it doesn’t change things at least it’ll help you lessen the stress .

    • That’s true.