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    The arrogance of believing that today, that at this moment in time, we’re so perfectly correct in our beliefs that we can silence all disagreement, prevent any heretic from calling our gods false, is absurd … It’s not that people haven’t believed they were finally so enlightened that there couldn’t possibly be any errors in their judgments, anything new to learn, any mistakes to correct. People have always believed that. And they’ve always been wrong. That’s why we still need heretics, not because they’re necessarily right but because they aren’t necessarily wrong. – Scott H. Greenfield When Ira Glasser Ran The ACLU (May 12, 2018)

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    • Thank you for sharing this thought.

    • even though the words are very new just this year written i think its been in the mind of all humans for a very long time we should not silence those who go against listening is how you become more beautiful if anything you should thank the ones who disagree and move you forward <3

    • We all start learning from the day we are born, that’s certain. But we can stop doing it at very different points in or life: when we die, when we lack means, when we are absolutely certain that we are right about our beliefs, when we choose ignorance over knowledge.
      I do believe I will never be right, because I don’t stop learning. The world keeps moving and changing every day, and so does life, society, culture, science, realtionships, nature, etc. Thank you for sharing such a deep, and necessary way of thinking @leah4change!!