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    laylab95 posted an update 1 year, 12 months ago

    Lately i have been getting used in every way you can possibly think of. When i don’t do things for people then they want to flip out and make me feel like crap. I have to take my family around all day and no one supplies me with gas money, i have to deal with school work, I’m dealing with no jobs not calling me for a chance for anything and on top of that, i practically do my brother (tough) homework. I have no time for me at all and it truly seems impossible at this point.

    Mood : Crushed
    • it would probably help to ask your family to donate to gas money every now and then since you are doing them a favor and in order to keep going the gas needs to as well, don’t do your brother’s tough homework, that’s his job to do that, tell him you are trying to get yourself together and it’s too stressful for you. A job will come eventually, keep the faith. What type of job would you really like? think about that… Jobs have a way of finding us… maybe you can take children to school every morning and the parents pay you.

    • I don’t want to see you being used or treated badly by anyone @layla95, you are such a beautiful person who deserves love and respect, do take care of yourself and look after your own wellbeing, that’s the most important thing sweetie, your family should support you and not be stressing you out Layla, a great job will come your way Layla, remember to hold your head up high and be positive, you will make it hun, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) <3 (hugs)

    • People are so fricking selfish! Honestly girl you deserve so much better.. I can’t believe your own family uses you that way, how hard is it to give at least some gas money? Or pay you idk a nice meal, or even buy you a present, just something!