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    laylab95 posted an update 3 years, 5 months ago

    I really wish i had someone to call me and give me some great advice… my boyfriend of 9 months dumped me and now i feel alone and hopeless and everything else horrible. I been crying all day and my head is pounding. Why can’t i never have anyone around during my dark times like this?

    Mood : Depressed
    • Please don’t feel sad @layla95, anyone who leaves you isn’t worth it Layla, you deserve a strong and loving relationship with someone who will always stick by you and never leave you, things will be OK and everything will work out, don’t let anything get you down or stand in your way, you are a truly amazing person who deserves all the happiness in the world, great things will happen to you hun, you can do this, be positive, smile and hold your head up high, you will never be alone, I’m always here if you need to talk, message me anytime if you want, my inbox is always open :) (hugs)

    • No i won’t be ok. I don’t have anyone. I don’t have any friends and my family are horrible. We were suppose to be together forever. I’ll never trust or love anyone else ever again.

    • Sorry to see you hurting @layla95 , it’s never easy when a relationship ends and as hard as it may be for you to realize yet, you were okay before him and you will be after. It’s absolutely his loss, and if he doesn’t realize how amazing you are then he didn’t deserve you in the first place.

      Take this as an opportunity to get to know yourself even more, focus on things that make you happy. Maybe there’s a hobby you’ve been wanting to try or something.

    • Before i met him i went through something horrible with some other guy. He was my light and the only reason i didn’t kill myself back then. He eventually stop appreciating me and i began to do the same out of anger . He left me when i needed him the most. It’s so unfair

    • I know what your going through my girlfriend of 1 year and 4 months are in a break i have no idea if we’re getting back together its just a horrible feeling now im jist waiting on her to give me am answer. If u need some one to talk to my in box is open

    • We went through so much together and i know i’ll never get that feeling with no one else ever again. He admitted to destroying me back in February and since then i been pushing him away. He got tired of it and decided to leave. I told him i wanted us to be together and that i’ll change and he said he needed time to think about it. That was last night and i haven’t heard from him since.

    • Same i was so stubborn and hard headed i beg for to give me one more chance thst ill change all she said was give me time to think i pour my heart out to her

    • Same here. I never been around love just hate so it took me a lot to get where i was with him. I wrote a text to him that i may send to himself between tonight and tomorrow night. It’s pretty much me sending a farewell since my gut is telling me he probably doesn’t care. It’s 7 paragraphs long but idk i hope it can be my closure if he doesn’t reach out to me soon.

    • Hopelfully everything works out im just dtuck waiting

    • Well we both are really. How long do you think i should wait before contacting him? I’m not good at this waiting thing

    • Till he contacts you its going to be hard but you habe to give him his space to think about everything if u push him then hes going to make the wrong choice nist to have space

    • Keep your mind busy but its easy said then done i still have trouble

    • Yeah you’re probably right. It’s so hard. I just been crying all day and i may need to take some sleeping pills just to make it through however long he may takes. Thanks a lot good luck on your relationship and i would like to stay updated if you don’t mind

    • No i dont mind we’re helping wach other through this struggle ill send u a friend invite or my # if u ever want to talk your never alone remember that

    • Okay that will work fine with me. I’m in a very dark place and my emotions are everywhere so i really need someone to talk to before i get worse.

    • Im here if u need to talk

    • Thanks and i’ll be here if you need to talk as well.

    • Thank you