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    Lauren posted an update 5 years ago

    Relapsing is the worst feeling ever. Knowing that you lost the battle that you’ve tried so hard and worked so hard to overcome and for just a while, you were winning. But they come back, and when it does, it comes back strong.

    Mood : Sad
    • That’s when you get back up, brush off the dirt, and do your best next time. You’re strong and you have so much potential. I believe in you Lauren! :)

    • Oli replied 5 years ago

      Never give up @laurenfritter, you can and will make it through this, don’t let your struggles bring you down, you will win this battle, hold your head up high and be positive, you are a fighter, survivor and warrior, you have so much strength in you and you are never alone, you are such a special and beautiful person who deserves so much happiness and love, don’t let anything bring you down, great things will happen to you and you will live a life full of wonderful moments, remember you are so amazing, always believe in yourself and keep moving forward, things will work out for you and everything will go right, you can do this, always believe in yourself and keep moving forward, you will overcome and there is always hope, if you ever need to talk or need a friend, I’m always here, feel free to message me anytime if you want, my inbox is always open :) (hugs)

    • Mia replied 5 years ago

      Thank you :)
      I don’t know how long it’ll take me to get out of this and its hard but I know it’ll be okay. Im showing signs of schizophrenia so that could be it.