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Keylan G

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You’re stronger than you think, and you are loved. If no one has told you this lately, you matter! Even if you’re a complete stranger, you matter to me.
Hi! I’m just a guy with a free spirit but an old soul from the Midwest. Throughout my life I’ve been blessed with support/encouragement that has come in the forms of family, a friend, or a stranger, exactly at a moment I felt like I needed someone to be there. I aim to try and give that same level of compassion and kindness that the world has shown me.
There is nothing wrong in asking for help, saying you’re not okay, or simply wanting to be heard and understood. I promise, that first step towards a better life starts with the courage in connecting with others.





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Abuse, Addiction, Bullying, Depression, Education, General, Grieving, Health & Fitness, Mental Disorders, Parenting, Relationships, Self Harm, Sexuality, Social Anxiety

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