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    Miza ツ posted an update 5 years, 1 month ago

    Heyyy Guysss! ^_^
    Okay I am so glad i finally have a good hobby, besides writing
    i LOVE singing. And i have been getting into it a lot lately. Trying ti discover my type and improving my vocals
    I recently found out my vocal range is A3/C5. Again, I am not sure. Cos I dont take professional training or classes.
    I just wanted to know if any of yall are amateur singers. We could talk about it xD PM me or comment down here x
    And hope yall are having a good dayy though c:

    • Keep singing @justsomeone, use your beautiful and special voice in a way that helps you inspire yourself as well as others, hope all goes well for you Miza, I’m always here if you need me :) (hugs)

    • Aw thats so sweet, Thanks, hun x C: