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    Paweł posted an update 7 years, 3 months ago

    Today’s my birthday.
    My only wish is that sites like blahtherapy would not be needed one day. We all know it’s not gonna happen, but let’s never stop working on it!
    You guys are doing great job here, and I just want to thank you from the depth of my heart for that.
    Have a wonderful day everybody! ((:

    Mood : Cheerful
    • Aw, that’s so sweet. :) I hope you have a very Happy Birthday!!

    • Happy Birthday! :) . I like to think it’ll always be a work in progress, but as long as Blahtherapy is here, We’ll help whoever is willing to go online and seek help!>

    • Happy Birthday @jezor, do have a great day Pawel, Blah is a wonderful place that strives to help those in need, I honestly think places like it will always be needed online, we need places like this to make others happy and let them know they are never alone, keep being the fabulous and compassionate individual that you are Pawel, I’m always here if you need me :) (hugs)