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    QUESTION: How do you escape your problems? Even temporarily?

    Ok, so, I personally use MUSIC as my main coping mechanism. And my personal saying about it, is, ”I pay for ALL of the gas… I sit shotgun AND I control the music, for the 30-60 minutes, that we are in the car.” LOL The vast majority of which, is faaaar from contemporary. Its a lot of pretty old house music from back in the day, when i was between the ages of 18-22.; as well as a lot of old school hip-hop and R&B. There is a bunch of POPular music from years past. And some of my ”friends” (or rather a friend of a friend, went as far, as to say, [Whats the deal with his music, man?] ”…it’s the worst…collection ive ever heard…” [Rude as F:.:<K, right?!
    Secondly..I use what I think A LOT of people (starting at the age I did; People my age and beyond, still use); the thing that idiots and intellectuals and those of US, who have (as of yet) failed to launch, use: DRUGS. I have always been/will be, a huge constituent for the use of marijuana, first and foremost. I'm an O.G. , hippy in another life, intellectually informed, believer and vessel of/for its use in holistic healing, smoker from the start (and quite probably, till the end). Next in life, and on my list, is LSD (or Shrooms). The use of which ALWAYS made me feel better (during and) afterwards, about myself and about existence as a whole. It has been MAAANY years, but if I were presented with/able to enjoy, hallucinogens are useful. Eventually…came my worst vice and favorite means of self-expression and sabotage: Crystal Meth. I have had a most strange relationship, to say the least (and to put it "mildly"), for the past 17 years. Three of which, were using it intravenously. It took nearly 2 years for me to get a hold on it, but I finally managed to put the needle down, over a year and a half ago. Choosing instead, to return to smoking it. To some that is/may seem, like the "same thing", but I assure you, if there is any truth/proof, to the phrase, "(the) lesser of two evils", I have chosen "correctly".
    FRIENDS, and I mean, THOSE few, THE best of the ones that you have carefully and cautiously selected. Your REAL, DOWN, LIVE/RIDE/DIE for, friend/s are so crucial to ones mental AND physical well-being.
    LASTLY: NATURE. At ANY/ALL times, the best way to escape any/everything, is to simply walk outside. Without gettin too hippyish on ya, "We all came from the Earth & so shall we return to it". Nature is the next best thing for the soul, after LOVE, of course.

    So, answer: Music and the use of recreational herbs and chemicals ; GREAT company and good ole Mother Earth…

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    • That’s nice @jay-rye80, keep using music and other things to make you feel happy and positive @jay-rye80, I want to see you smiling and feeling good Jay, everything will go your way and things will be OK, you can do it, be upbeat and keep going, never give up, I’m always here if you need to talk, message me anytime if you want, my inbox is always open, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)