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    - "I’m so alone, depressed, sad and lonely, I always will be that way no matter what I do or how hard I try, It’s so hopeless because I will NEVER be able to find true happiness in life :( "View
    Experience with: Bullying, Depression, Social Anxiety
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    - "We can be immortals, just not for long. "View
    Experience with: Abuse, Addiction, Bullying, Depression, Eating Disorders, General, Grieving, Mental Disorders, Parenting, Phobias, Relationships, Self Harm, Sexuality, Social Anxiety
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    Experience with: Careers, Education
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    - "How do you stop compulsive lying? It’s like constantly. It has caused me to lose the one I fell in love with my freshmen year in high school. It’s caused me to lose friends I never thought I would lose. I thought […] "View
    Experience with: Bullying, Depression, General, Mental Disorders, Relationships