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    - "I’m so lonely, alone and sad, it’s hopeless for me :( "View
    Experience with: Bullying, Depression, Social Anxiety
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    Experience with: Addiction, Depression, General, Grieving, Relationships, Self Harm, Sexuality
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    - "Is anyone from the u.s? "View
    Experience with: Addiction, Bullying, Depression, Eating Disorders, General, Grieving, Mental Disorders, Phobias, Relationships, Self Harm, Social Anxiety
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    - "Do you ever get that feeling when you just dont know what your feeling and you just need to go sit in a corner, be left alone and breakdown until you feel ready enough to keep facing the world and fake all your […] "View
    Experience with: Abuse, Addiction, Depression, Eating Disorders, Mental Disorders, Relationships, Self Harm, Social Anxiety