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    itsaboutthelittlethings posted an update 5 years ago

    What bothers me most about trump getting elected is not actually the fact that he is now president and a sociopath now has alot of power in the world, no what bothers me most is that so many people supported and voted for a racist, sexist, inexperienced, sociopath who has been accused of sexual assault amongst other things and spreads so much fear an hatred.-now that fucking scares me-what the he’ll are people thinking.
    I don’t like hillary that much either but at least she had some political experience and wasn’t making so many stupid hateful comments! It just don’t get it.

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    • so trump saying things what guys say amongst themselves is sexist? wow it’s as if trump is also a guy, i think we all should just vote for the criminal corrupt liar hillary instead :^)

    • I wasn’t actually talking about what he was recorded saying on tape, I’m talking about deeper issues. If you look at his policies on women’s issues, maternity leave-parental leave etc.
      I think that’s issue here people are relying on the media too much to form their opinions instead of looking deeper and doing more research for themselves.
      Trumps ideas and policies are ludicrous and some of them would make good jokes if he wasn’t being serious and if it wasn’t all so bloody scary!

    • Oli replied 5 years ago

      We all have to support and be there for each other during such troubled times @itsaboutthelittlethings and @yamoros12, going forward there may be difficult times, but as long as we all stick together as one, we will be OK :) (hugs)

    • fair enough :)

    • Oli replied 5 years ago

      Be there for each other with kindness, hope, love and compassion @itsaboutthelittlethings and @yamoros12, don’t let divisive and dark times make us turn against each other, keep the brightness shining in the world <3 :) (hugs both of you)

    • @yamoros12 so the things ”guys say” is right? when it comes to sexism? Also this guy has the biggest eggo ever wanting to make a WALL between Mexico and the US, exactly like germany did in second world war. Study history. Prepare yourself for a thirth world war. And the worst thing is, we’re all going to pay for it. Hilary is not a saint, I do not like her. But I prefer corruption over someone deciding to build a wall seperating people. Over someone descriminating different nationalities, sexualities, and women. From bad to the world colapsing, I prefer bad.

    • @cyrax sorry to say but… you’re beyond wrong. Everyone in europe is laughing. We all hate Trump… where did you get that we like trump? Not a single european country likes him. We don’t like Hilary either. We hate them both. This was a TERRIBLE election. To both sides.Idk how america decided that these two would be their choises. But no matter who won no one would be happy. But I think anyone in their right mind would hate both, but specially trump. The guy can’t even make a good arguement. I saw the debates and honestly it was annoying. He said nothing new to me. I don’t see any progress happening to america, only bad things. But hey if people want to see the world burn, let it burn. As humans we let the world burn so many times. We think we know it all and wars start, shit happens. In summary. both were shit. America is fucked. And sadly Europe and the rest of the world will have to put up with America’s shit. So no, no one is happy. And no one likes Trump. If you do not believe me, go online, meet different people with different nationalities. Also I don’t care about ”b-but hilary said this and this is worst! It’s worst than trump said!” that does NOT make what trump said right. He still said some stuff that honestly idk what the dude was thinking. Again either him and Hilary are terrible. I honestly just wish the best for the good american people and specially for the kids. And I hope nothing bad happens. All I want is peace and not some dumbass wanting to start a nuclear war or build a wall between countries. Enough shit for 2016.

    • look at wikileaks and tell me if you still want hillary

    • @yamoros12 personally I don’t want either of them. They’re both terrible. What shocks me is how those two ended up being the choises, that’s what I don’t get. That was what I was trying to say. I hate the corruption Hilary did and how only recently she ”joined” the lgbt community (hope I’m spelling it right) , but I also hate how sexist Trump is. I hate them both. I just want everyone who is america or living around america to honestly have a good life. I wish you guys could have someone better than any of these two. I just want people to live happily and safely. There’s already too much shit in the world, that’s all. Anyways I wish you the best

    • @yamoros12 also this is just my opinion as an european citizen. Obviously I don’t know EVERYTHING from the election but I tried to be as informed as I could be. Anyways I still hate them both and still wish everyone the best

    • @cyrax I’ll explain better what I meant. People here don’t like trump over the sexist stuff he said. In terms of his politcs we let it to the US. Idk if I’m sounding clear. However I’m very happy you don’t support treating women right. You answered my post about relationships so I believe you would get that as a woman would make me terrified living under the roles of a sexist person. HOWEVER I realised I don’t know trump 100% well, so I should research more. I still don’t agree with alot of shit he said though. I just hope everyone is happy and safe you know? Again idk if I’m sounding clear. I hope I do. Wish you the best Steven