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    Cecelia posted an update 11 months ago

    i’m really noticing how much of a negative rain cloud she is. i will feel energetic, happy and proud and when she comes home, instantly i’m down. i got a letter from a publishing thing saying they liked my poem and to send it back to publish, and she wanted to throw itaway claiming it was spam. i went from feeling proud to unappreciated shit in an instant. she never asks how i am. she just dumps all her shit on me. i’m too scared to COMMUNICATE because she’s not acommunicator and thinks any type of confrontation is an attack.

    • Don’t surround yourself with negative and toxic people @invincible, remember to always surround yourself with people who will bring you positivity, encouragement, kindness and love beautiful angel Cecelia, always be proud of your achievements Cecelia, do communicate clearly sweetie with anyone who attempts to bring you down with negativity, be as open and honest as you can so you can get your feelings across in a good way that helps you Cecelia, feel free to inbox me anytime if you ever need to talk sweetie, stay strong, you are never alone :) <3 (hugs)

    • Looks like a very toxic person there; tries to diminish your accomplishments and considers communication as a direct attack. If you are able to leave that environment, do it as soon as possible. If not, remember that what this person is doing is giving negative energy and bringing you down. You are not what they try to make you believe. Be proud of the person you are right now, and the one you are working on to become. You are a wonderful human that deserves to be surrounded by loving and caring people. Stay strong <3. If you need to talk, my inbox is open dear :)

    • Btw, not taking into account the bad circumstances, it’s nice to see you again @invincible ^^

    • It’s great someone wants to publish your poem. You should definitely be proud because you obviously have a talent. And if the negative Nelly in your space doesn’t see that, it’s their loss. Beauty comes in all shapes and forms, and taste differs. Don’t let anyone ruin your good mood. It’s disheartening you don’t seem to feel safe to vent to this person who unloads everything on you. Are you stuck with this person?

    • So nice to see you Marta!! I hope you’re doing well! Thank you for your comment

    • thank you Oli & Rain, it means a lot. Yes, I’m stuck with them for the time being, I’m going to bring it up to my therapist for advice of what to do and how to communicate the situation