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    Cecelia posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Being and feeling ugly really ruins your day and life tbh wow, anyway..

    • Feeling ugly ruins your day, being ugly shouldn’t be a problem for you considering the beauty that you are. Life and positivity is mainly just attitude, listen to happy music, have a smile, and try to make jokes and more often then not you will feel better from it. Dress good you look good, you look good you feel good, you feel good you do good, You’re an amazing and beautiful person alright? People believe that and I know there is someone in your life who you can name who thinks it and if you can’t you probably just haven’t met them yet, these things take time. Give it a little bit of time alright? Things will get better trust me, no matter how bad it seems things always get better.

    • Please don’t think like that @invincible, you are so beautiful, incredible, lovely and amazing inside and out, be kind to yourself sweetie and truly embrace every part of yourself Cecelia, smile when you look in the mirror and see the reflection of the fantastic angel you see staring back at you, everything about you is so fabulous sweetie, you have a wonderful heart Cecelia, keep being the special angel that you are and never give up, you can do it hun, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent Cecelia, stay strong, you are never alone :) <3 (hugs)

    • @invincible: first off, you are not ugly. No one is ugly. You are a beautiful person outside and inside, and you’ve proven this by helping me when I’m feeling down time and time again. You deserve to feel like the beautiful person that you are, just remember your beauty whenever you look in the mirror. Inbox me if you need to talk or simply need a friend. I’m here for you, you’re not alone. Stay strong.