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    Cecelia posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    On top of everything, I think the fact that my family and friends ignore my recent severe episode of depression and suicidal thoughts and feelings just gives a more reason to believe I’d be better off dead. I don’t want to do anything at all if no one gives a shit about me.

    • @invincible, I ”give a shit” about you. Actually, I give a huge fuckton of shits. I care about you, as does the entire BT community. You are not alone! I’m here for you if you need anything, just inbox me!

    • Please don’t think like that @invincible, your family should support, love and be there for you, you deserve to feel cared for sweetie, so many people love, appreciate and care about you Cecelia, I do and so does the BT community, please keep fighting and don’t let depression get you down, you will win all your battles because you are a special angel who is filled with strength, courage and bravery, everything will be OK Cecelia, hold your head up high and know you will overcome all of life’s struggles, believe in yourself and keep going forward, you can do it hun, you are a survivor Cecelia, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) <3 (hugs)

    • @invincible

      You’ve been a friendly and familiar face that I’ve always enjoyed seeing, for as long as I can remember now.

      I can ensure you, while it may not seem or feel like your family cares, everyone here does. We all care abou you. I care. And we would miss you terribly, I say with all the certainty and truth within my heart.
      I understand the family stuff. Mine tend to brush off episodes like they’re unimportant or don’t matter.
      What’s important is that we surround ourselves with those that do care and do support us. It may take awhile, and that’s what this place is for. That’s why we’re here.

      We stick together until can climb ourselves out of this dark hole.