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    Insightful Zebra posted an update 5 years, 1 month ago

    The other day, a coworker from work comes all drunk and pissed at everyone and shouting things and saying shit about everyone. It really put everyone on edge, but i didn’t mind. The guy sat next to me so he started telling me that he had did things he wasn’t proud of, things that will definately put him in hell (if there is a hell). I’m not saying what he did because they were pretty fucked up, but just know that they ate this guy alive. He kept saying that his life is over, he could feel it ending and he just said goodbye. So because of the whole scene he did, our supervisor comes to talk to us about, well, life. He said that he wanted to talk to us heart to heart. So we listened. He said that he went through tough stuff in his childhood. He was molested when he was a kid, his father beat up his mother, he got into gangs and eventually, jail. He was so lost and so, so fucked. He had gone through some shit he won’t even tell us, but he wanted to tell us that life without the bad is not life, that whoever you are, life will always find a way to tackle you and beat you to the ground. Now, i see a lot of posts here on Blah Therapy, a lot of people are in a really bad place right now but just as he told me, i’m gonna tell you. It is always going to get better, problems will eventually fade and maybe other ones will take their place, but they have always come to pass. Now this guy, our supervisor, he is one the kindest, most awesome people i have ever met and i just have to admire the guy. He is so happy, he has a wife that he describes as the one, he has a baby on the way, and he is so, very humble and kind. Then i asked him as in how? I wanted to now how did you avoid getting depressed or at least fucked up. He told me that he didn’t. That he too had some bad thoughts and went through some tough times. But he told me something i will never forget, and i mean that. He told us that everything he faced, he got through to it, with love. He told us that you won’t get anywhere without it. Doesn’t matter what kind of love, being loving yourself or someone else. Love made it all worth it. And that gave me a little hope, and i wanted to share that. I know you are going through some really hard times, i know that it has not been easy and i know that you want to give up. But please, just, hold on and love. If it hasn’t come to you, it will. Love makes it all worth it, doesn’t matter who you love, as long as there is love in your heart. Just hold on, please. Have a wonderful night c:

    • That is so inspirational. I really needed that. Thanks so much!

    • This is such a moving and inspirational post @insightful-cobra, we all have struggles but with love as you mentioned, we can make it through them and come out so much stronger, thanks for putting this up, you are truly special :) (hugs)