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    Insightful Zebra posted an update 5 years, 2 months ago

    Not every moment i experience is sadness or depression. Many times i find myself amazed, overwhelmed, curious, excited, melancholic etc. But the hardest thing i face is depression in itself, and it’s not how it makes me feel that makes it hard, but not knowing what to do that frustrates me, not knowing where i’m going and not being able to be is what fucks me over. But depression and anxiety are not me, they’re a part of me, they’re a part of something bigger that makes this thing that walks this earth, with eyes of wonder but with fear inside and with battles going on inside me. Not everyday i feel like shit, not everyday i get anxiety. not everyday i want to cry, but it’s everyday that i have to face those odds, and sometimes they’ll win, and i hope they’ll someday go away. But i don’t think so, i think they’re a part of who i am, and that’s not a bad thing if i learn to live with them. And i don’t know why i’m writing this, just probably because it’s late but i don’t really know. I just hate not knowing.

    • @Insightful Zebra everything is going to be alright i know that might not seem realistic but it’s true you have to trust me on this. i too suffer from depression and my mates are always there for me proving to me that everything is going to be alright and they always seem to be right. If you ever need anyone to talk to don’t be afraid to message me as i’m always here to help

    • Please don’t let your depression beat you @insightful-cobra, I know how you feel from 10+ years of fighting sadness and loneliness, some days are better than others but try to remain as positive as you can, everyone deserves true happiness in their lives, you do too, find something that gives you hope and passion, hold your head up high, you will overcome and come out so much stronger, believe in yourself and keep going forward, there is always hope, message me anytime if you want, my inbox is always open, remember you are never alone :) (hugs)