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    lemoncholy posted an update 8 years, 8 months ago

    So, hey guys. I have a lot to tell you. I’m bi/pansexual. I haven’t been able to decide which because I haven’t known enough people’s genders to decide. Speaking of gender, I’m transgender and transsexual. In case you didn’t know, transgender is when you feel like a different gender than you physically are, and transsexual is when you hate your current body. They sound the same, but some transgenders are fine with their body, and just dress more feminine or masculine, and some transsexuals feel that they are the gender of their body, but just don’t like their body. I basically have my life planned out. First off, I’m going to dress in men’s clothes, mainly because of being trans, but also because of a hatred of tight women’s clothes. I’m going to be finished with college by 22 or 23, and move out. Then, I can start taking hormones and definitely taking my breasts off. The problem with this is that I came out to my mom the other day, who took it horribly, and basically wants me to suppress my feelings. And she wonders why I only talk to my little sister… Anyway, I’ve also taken some tests, the majority being from legitimate looking sites, .org or .gov type sites, and I found out I’m bipolar, with ultradian cycles; I can go from manic to depressive to normal in hours. My depressive state is a lot worse than my manic state. I’ve known this for a few years, really. But I know what you’re thinking- don’t jump to conclusions, you haven’t even gone to a real therapy session. Well, I told my parents that I wanted therapy, and they said we don’t have the money. I tried looking online, but all the free ones are ones like this site- talking anonymously to uncertified strangers who aren’t allowed to give you real advice. Not to insult this site, I love it, but I want to have a professional who is 100% certified assure what I already know and be able to let my parents know that, hey, the kid wasn’t lying. I’ll just try to save up for a few weeks, and try to get a few sessions. I wish therapy was free…

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    • My mom is super-Christian, so I understand why she’s upset about it, but still. My little sister and I have the strongest bond you’ll ever see, so I do love having her to talk to. I will keep saving for therapy, and hopefully, I’ll be able to afford a few sessions. Thank you for responding; I’m so glad someone else can understand how I feel.