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    deathly posted an update 7 years, 8 months ago

    @inreverie thank you so much..

    • Hey Deathly! I SO appreciate all the love & support I have received. THANK YOU!
      CHECK OUT MY SHOW!!! Aaaahhh! I will write to everybody soon. ~Suzanna

      Paul Santisi comments:
      April 30 at 9:13pm · Edited ·

      You got to listen to Suzanna Terrell this Saturday On The Right Side Of things with my great friend Rick Richard Fiorio. It will be an EPIC show! She will talk about how ”death does not exist”. Wow!
      The Right Side of Things/ Guest Suzanna Terrell
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      Post this everywhere you can, you don’t want to miss this!! 7:PM Eastern 6PM Central this Saturday!!!

      Richard Fiorio


      Are you searching for the answers to life’s mysteries? Well so are we, lets look for them together. Lets keep the powers that be failing in their efforts to seperate us
      from our own divinity! Richard Fiorio

      Tonight we are proud to present Suzanna Terrell, Author. Writer. Human Rights Activist.
      –Be a part of history with Suzanna. Check Out http://suzannaterrell.WebStarts.com Tonight we will cover a wide variety of topics with this amazing lady including,
      Scientific proof that Death does NOT exist, DRUGS THE GOVERNMENT HIDES FROM YOU –Whole New Religion. Out of Body experiences, meditation and aligning yourself
      holistically to endure this 3rd dimesional reality! A DO NOT MISS SHOW!! Visit Suzanna’s website at..http://suzannaterrell.webstarts.com/
      I will also be doing a radio show with ROBERT RIVERS: My show will come on right after Paul Santisi’s ”Higher Vibrations” show which starts at 8PM Eastern/ 7PM Central. It looks like we’ll be calling my show ”Above & Beyond. The Afterlife.”