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    Robert Miranda posted an update 2 years, 7 months ago

    ”Isn’t it funny we think nothing we do will have any lasting impact, but whenever we entertain the idea of traveling back in time we stress that even the smallest action would have grand consequences?” -Unknown

    • We should all try to leave a positive impact and good impression when we can @gorchanstruck, if we make others smile through our actions, words and deeds than we can have something lovely to look back on and smile as we did our best to better the world, always be the kind, compassion and sweet person that you are, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • You made a fantastic point just there. We usually think our actions won’t have an impact on others, because they are so small or meaningless. But even a simple smile can brighten a stranger’s day when they’re feeling sad. A simple ”hello” can make someone feel less alone. A simple ”you look beautiful” can boost someone’s self esteem. No action is ”that simple”. We do have an impact in this world.