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    Glenjones1993 posted an update in the group Group logoGamers 9 years, 8 months ago

    Totally love my games!!! I’m completely addicted to an online digimon game at the moment though… Lamest addiction but I’m having so much fun ^_^ huge fan of all the final fantasy series, kingdom hearts, I’m basically a square enix fanboy :p

    • Square Enix is awesome! Final Fantasy XIV killed my faith in them, but Final Fantasy XIII-2 restored it, haha. Square’s old stuff is the best!

    • I’ve found that I’ve loved almost every final fantasy to date, except 9 has been a childhood favourite of mine!

    • Hahaha, gotta love Square Enix, even if I’ve not played the newer FFs. Kingdom Hearts, the older Final Fantasys(even the black and white ones) I love them. Newest I played was 7 XD Digimon games are meant to be pretty cool though, I’m curious now. You’ll have to play Chrono Trigger if you love Square.

    • The game I’m playing online is called digimon masters online, it’s soooooo good!