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    georgey posted an update 3 months ago

    I just lost my relationship of two years. I haven’t reached out to anyone other than her for help or advice over our relationship, but now she’s gone. What do I do? I’m not completely lost, I just, didn’t really have a world outside of her. She loves me but wants to break up for us. I understand that. It hurts. I’m not used to broadcasting emotion to anyone else. I don’t know if I’m ready.

    If anybody would like to chat, I’m around.

    Mood : Cold
    • @geogzm breaking up can be super hard and painful.
      Just know you’ll have all the help needed here.
      If you ever need to vent feel free to PM me. I’ll listen and do my best to cheer you up

    • Oli replied 3 months ago

      I’m so sorry that your relationship is over @geogzm, please don’t give up on true love George, hopefully you can still remain friends with her and have a close bond with each other, stay positive because one day you will meet your soulmate George, keep smiling and never give up, you can do it George, everything will be OK, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)