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    Someone tell me a story. I want to hear something interesting.

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    • im in love with a sexy band geek who is white with messy bed-head (naturally) black hair and loves to argue and is sarcastic and he is one of my best friends and we have perfect sexual tension but he doesnt know i like him and i almost told him on friday but it was going so swimmingly i forgot and now i have to suffer until MONDAY and i cant decide if i should tell him how i feel or kinda send him signals and let it be gradual…tips??? haha i know this is SO interesting

    • I was an unwitting ”other woman” in a love triangle. What a shame.

    • A friend of mine has a complex as hell personality that’s based on multiple fictional characters, overwhelming sometimes

    • There once was a girl who thought she had everything.
      Then one day, she found out she didn’t.
      She knew deep down inside that she was kidding herself in thinking that she had had everything.
      Now she had to face reality.
      And reality was a slap in the face, a punch in the gut.
      But she kept trying, and trying… but she still got slapped and punched and beaten everyday.
      She decided that she would once again be blinded by the truth.
      So she said ”I have everything I’ve every wanted.”
      And she disappeared without a trace.
      For she knew that she didn’t.
      But she didn’t want to be faced with reality.
      Because reality is a slap in the face.
      A punch in the gut.