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    Franci posted an update in the group Group logoSexuality, Gender, and Mental Health 5 years, 4 months ago

    Is it ever okay for your mom to call you a ”slut”? I’m 20 and live with her…I also have a 1 year old and in nursing school. I started dating a guy and on the 3rd date we had sex. My mom always pries into my business and just said that I’m ”gonna die of aids at 45” and that I’m a ”stupid little slut”. She hates every single guy I ever date and basically makes me feel isolated. It really sucks.

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    • This is most definitely not okay.
      You need have a firm talk with her, or stage an intervention.

    • Your mother has no right being horrible to you @fancifranci, she should support and care for you no matter what Franci, you are such a beautiful and special person who deserves to feel loved by those closest to you, I would talk to her and let her know how much this hurts you, be as honest and as open as you can, I’m always here if you need to chat or vent, feel free to message me anytime, my inbox is always open, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • UPDATE: so yeah my mom has been yelling at me more today about it. She calls me a ”slut”, ”cunt”, and ”whore” in our arguments. If I tell her those words hurt me she just tells me ”good, they need to hurt and are true.” She’said already threatened to kick me out of the house because of it and says that I put my bf over my child even though I only see him when my kid is asleep in bed.

    • And she keeps saying I’m going to have AIDS because he is super skinny but I definitely know it’s not from that. He’s been like that his whole life and also has diabetes but my mom won’t believe what I tell her.

    • I also don’t have any friends or anyone to stay with to rove myself from this situation so it’s really terrible. :/

    • @fancifranci

      Hello, miss Franci.

      That practice is called ”slut-shaming” and your mother has no business treating you in such a way. You have ”bodily autonomy”, that is you have the first and ultimate say about what you do, or do not do with your body.

      It is not wrong or ”dirty” for women to enjoy sex, and this sexist belief that it is okay to treat sexually-active women like they are somehow devaluing themselves must stop.

      Your worth as a human being is not measured in the quantity of your sexual partners, and don’t ever be afraid to inform other people of that fact.

    • @Humanist Hope thanks it means a lot because my mother’s words always get to me. I have over 60 credits in college and have a 4.0 even with a 1 year old and she still calls me a failure because I have a kid. But she’s also against abortion so I didn’t get one. But no matter what I can never be on her good side. I’m always a damn failure in her eyes.