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    TheLifeGiving posted an update 5 years, 2 months ago

    It all might sound really crazy but I’ve realised in those 4 days of crying and falling back in a depression and cutting myself, that I am not the same without my boyfriend. I’ve texted him today, asking for forgiveness and he accepted it and now we’re back together. I guess I needed this break to realise that what I feel is love and now I know how it feels. I’m so glad that @oliver and @dedpwny gave me great advice and that they were there for me. You guys are great and I would like to thank you a thousand times!!

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    • Glad you managed to get your relationship back on track @evita, hope it continues getting stronger with more love as each day passes Evita, I wish you all the best going forward sweetie, stay positive and keep being the absolutely fantastic angel that you are, I’ll always be here for you Evita :) <3 (hugs)

    • Any level of maturity is attained only and only when you face that situation and you have faced something really tough and have now come out of it, which is amazing !
      I hope that this maturity and growth you have discovered during the phase of 4 tough days helps you to take decisions more wisely ! If you need to vent anything, all of us are here for you !
      Be free to message anyone of us, hope with this new experience you gained through some really tough days , your strength to bear tough times has increased and I hope that the love you and your boyfriend share grows stronger and stronger over a period of time ! ..Take care and stay strong !
      You need help, all of us are here for you (: