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    Eve posted an update 6 years, 5 months ago

    funny how i hate emotions when i have them and miss them when their gone.

    Mood : Numb
    • Please don’t feel numb @eve-hale, try your best to stay positive and have happy emotions, you deserve happiness, keep smiling, you are such an amazing and beautiful person, things will get better for you, much brighter days are ahead for you, never give up, keep fighting, you will make it through this, great things will happen to you and you will have a wonderful life with fantastic moments, you can do this, keep going and keep moving forward, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, you will overcome, don’t lose hope, if you need to talk or need a friend, I’m always here, feel free to message me anytime if you want, my inbox is always open :) (hugs)

    • Don’t hate your emotions. I don’t know why you hate them but they are strength. They help you understand yourself and the environment.

      Trust them. Love them and yourself. :)

    • The only emotions I’ve had for the last 6 months have been fueled by my anxiety and depression. they aren’t strength and they don’t help me understand. because they lie to me. I miss feeling anything when i go numb but the emotions i have when I’m not numb aren’t much better. sometimes honestly, they’re much worse.