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    ErmaAnne posted an update in the group Group logoblahtherapy adults (21+) 1 year, 1 month ago

    This site is nothing but URL spammers and trolls now. What happened?

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    • It’s sad that BT has become a place where there are spammers and trolls @ermacro, we all want this community to always be a place of love, support and compassion, a site where we can all help each other, I have encountered spammers and trolls on the chat, try to talk to the admin and see if they can make changes to help make BT better and stop all the trolls/spammers from coming here, hope you are doing OK and having a great day as well, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent about anything, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • I agree. I used to help people all the time and it was great but now everyone just wants to talk dirty. Such a shame!

    • I hear what you’re saying, @Oli, but I’ve used the report feature a gazillion times and I still see the same thing day after day. I’m beginning to think the report feature is a placebo. Or, Blahtherapy has stake in the sites that are being spammed. I wish the report feature would work in a way that once you report someone, you don’t get matched with them anymore. But it’s to the point where it’s a waste of time now.

    • It is a shame. This site has such potential. There is a place for sex chat, and this isn’t it. What concerns me the most are the bots spamming websites. I think that lately, I get more bots than non-bots. I’ve gotten 3 bots in a row. Nothing seems to be getting done, so either they don’t have the money or time to fix this, or they don’t want to fix it.

    • this site sucks now