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    Ebony202 posted an update in the group Group logoFeeling Down? Get some support :) 7 years, 5 months ago

    Guys is it possible to feel like your boyfriend just does not love you as much as he should?

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    • Hmm it’s just one incident that keeps repeating it’s self. When ever we have a fight he asks me to get another boy friend who will make me happy. He never ever bothers to resolve issues. I’m the one who always has to run after him and make things right.

    • Maybe you shouldn’t ask yourself if he loves you, that’s something only he can answer, but what you can ask yourself is ”do we have a good communication as a couple?”, ”does he put the same effort I do in us?”. I don’t know what issues you can’t resolve, maybe you are right in trying to resolving them, or you can’t, if you want, ask something specific on here and everyone will tell you what they think.