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    Sandy posted an update 7 years, 10 months ago

    Sometimes you have to make your friends your family, and keep you family as acquaintances

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    Alexis posted an update 7 years, 10 months ago

    Today I realized that losing yourself isn’t the end of the world. Because finding yourself again is the best feeling ever <3

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    Angel posted an update 7 years, 11 months ago

    21 December 2013…
    You know what I hate most about job hunting? You have to lie. It’s probably not the same for everyone, but it seems like the only way you can even be considered is if you exaggerate your strengths and downplay your weaknesses to make yourself appear better than you really are. It’s kinda hard to do that when you don’t really…[Read more]

    Mood : Depressed
    • “I’m just looking for something to bring a little meaning in my life. That getting this job would be a small step that might hopefully lead me to better things in the future.”
      That right there is all you really need to say :) Honesty is the best policy, but you don’t need to downplay yourself. They honestly don’t really care why you want the…[Read more]

    • hahaha. This made me smile. Thanks so much Angel. I will^^

    • The smile is what makes everything worthwhile n.n

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    Angel Demon posted an update 8 years ago

    Have we forgotten the spark that exists within us all?
    If we are unhappy with our lives, we have created wrongly. All wrongdoings can be unwritten, therefor there is truly no hopelessness. The only way we can truly feel this is if we convince ourselves of it. Let us create to make our lives happy, and there will be no more unhappiness. Come my…[Read more]

    • *The only way we can truly feel helpless is if we convince ourselves that we are.

    • I’m brand new to this site, and just decided to start clicking around and navigating the site. While I was scrolling down I noticed your update and it really touched me. “All wrongdoings can be unwritten,” it’s so true. I had a life with a lot of bad decisions I made and one day thought about it and told myself to start fresh, to drop…[Read more]

    • This is excellent, I am glad to hear such things n.n As for your old friends, everyone learns at their own pace. Perhaps they too will one day take the steps that you have, and discover how truly free life can be :)