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    Hayden posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    I came back today in particular, though, not just because I was curious about how everyone is doing and how the site is holding up. I came here also to vent about some stuff.
    My workplace, actually, and the reason I’m going to start making a change and possibly begin the search for a new job.

    Recently, there was talk about us hiring on this guy. Name is Alex. A cashier of ours expressed that she was nervous for him possibly getting the job, because she went to school with the guy and he’s apparently sexually harassed her. Her claims were dismissed by our store’s manager, who said she is “just overly dramatic”. Meanwhile, another guy who works in our pet care department said his old girlfriend used to constantly receive nude pictures of Alex, and other girls claimed he would follow them into the bathroom and force himself on them. These claims were also dismissed by our store manager.

    Well, last night was Alex’s first night working with us. I was the unlucky one who got to train him. Unfortunately for me, I got to experience his creepiness. He has no sense of personal space; on multiple occasions, I would be doing something and he would be silently standing directly behind me, where I could feel him brushing up against me. Later on in the night, our cashier expressed to me that she was creeped out by him as well, as he was apparently staring at her all night and even started following her around.
    At one point in the night, this guy’s two buddies came into the store and started recording the girls on their phones, or at least pretending to. I even caught them on one occasion trying to get my backside, and when I turned back to Alex, he was laughing. I may have flipped the guys off and I fear if they truly caught that on their cameras, it could backfire against me.

    Is it bad that I’m afraid *I* might get into trouble for flipping off guys who could end up claiming they were just customers if anything were to actually come out? It just doesn’t seem logical, considering what they were really doing and the fact that they’re associated with this guy who has so many allegations up against him. But the management team seems to want to defend this guy. Anything said against him is dismissed. Just doesn’t seem right.

    All-in-all, I’m just stressed out over the circumstances. I’m tired of the way this job handles situations. Only manager I like is our assistant, but all of his power gets taken away by the head manager.
    New places freak me out, and this is my only job experience as it’s my first. This year will be three years I’ve been there. But I don’t think I can take it any longer.

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    • This guy is dangerous @devilndisguise, I would keep reporting him Hayden, let your managers and other officials in your workplace know that his behaviour makes you all feel scared and uncomfortable, he has absolutely no right sexually harassing people, hopefully he will be fired from your company as his behaviour is so wrong in every way, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • @devilndisguise as long as you keep doing your job like a model worker from now on, you’ll probably be fine, but do write down whatever inappropriate behavior you experience, with time and dates, maybe emailing it to yourself. Your new coworker has mostly a previous history which won’t help you to get management intervention, but if you keep building your personal log, you’ll have a better case if the situation worsens. I don’t know if your workplace is a branch of a bigger company, but if it is, maybe they have some HR contact you could use in the future once you have a solid case.