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    Hayden posted an update 4 years, 10 months ago

    Not really sure what’s going on with myself, mentally.

    Paranoia and delusions are nothing new for me, but the delusions seem to be getting worse. You’d think that this would be making me quite low too, but I think I’m in a state of numbness; the depression feels more like an emptiness.
    Not to mention, there have also been a couple of instances within the past week when I’ve heard voices that clearly weren’t there, and I’ve experienced strange impulses that could possibly do myself harm.

    I feel like I should be worried about all of this, but… I don’t know. I’m indifferent.

    Mood : Numb
    • imo health and wellbeing comes first, maybe seek some help before this thing festers into something a lot worse? (if it really will)

    • Listen, I’m but a stranger and I don’t really have any credit nessacarily, but I’d like to help you anyway i can, try to help ease your mind and stop the delusions. make you feel better.

    • Try to find the right help and support that will benefit you going forward @devilndisguise, do seek the help of a counsellor or therapist Hayden, you are such a kind, sweet and lovely person who deserves happiness and all the best in life, you will make it through this because you are a fighter, keep going and never give up, I’m always here if you need to chat or vent, message me anytime, my inbox is always open, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)