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    Hayden posted an update 7 years, 2 months ago

    I’ve made a goal for myself, and I’m determined to complete it.

    I’ve spent the last several years writing and rewriting one of my books; my favorite, actually. It’s called Blackmeadow, and I plan to make a series out of it.
    Anyway, I’ve rewritten it so many times before, because it just hasn’t been satisfying enough for me. Well, I think I’ve got it now. Finally. And my goal now is to have it finished by February 19th.

    Here I go.

    • That’s a great goal @devilndisguise, I’m sure you will achieve it Hayden, you will write an amazing series because you are creative and wonderful, keep going and don’t give up, I’m always here if you need to chat :) (hugs)

    • Good luck!! I’ll check in with you every now and again to see how it’s going^^

    • Thank you both!

    • Can’t wait for you to complete it! you’ve actually sort of inspired me to finally get in gear some writing plans i’ve put on hold for far too long now ^^ Good luck with finishing it up!.

    • @chrono-danny
      I can’t wait to finally finish it! I’m quite happy with how it’s coming along so far.
      Thank you, and good luck to you as well. :) I’m glad I was able to inspire you. I’m sure you’ll do great, my friend!