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    Was it worth it?
    Taking away my innocence like a baby bird trying to fly
    But quit.

    You walk tall and carefree
    While you left me weak
    Tortured, and empty

    Are you pleased?
    It’s now 5 years down the road, and the one I hate the most is

    They plague my dreams. Use my mind as a playing field with images of what YOU caused!

    Remember how you told me to keep my mouth shut?
    How about you take a glance at the scars across my wrist?
    A reminder of those words with each cut

    Something you broke so effortlessly for your own satisfaction
    While they look at ME in disgust!

    Are monsters like you even aware?
    Committing actions so horrific
    You’re too caught up in the high to even care!

    I hope you rot.
    Ruining a child’s life, for the sake of your sick fun
    Hoping I had forgot!

    Go to hell.
    While you sit there, all alone with your remorseful thoughts
    In your own little cell

    You know what you did!
    Didn’t your mother teach you right from wrong?
    I was just a little kid!

    I dare you to try to deny
    I’m now suicidal, depressed and asking only myself

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