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    ConfusedGirlInLove posted an update 5 years, 7 months ago

    In light of recent events, my mother and father have both been affected by the Show Me Your Stethoscope community. One of the nurses on said Facebook page called my father an ”ambulance driver.” (He’s a critical care paramedic.) I would just like to clarify that having been a witness to their professions my entire life, there is no such thing as an ambulance driver. Yes, someone can drive an ambulance, but that is no where near all they do. Please be mindful of what you say to others. I’m proud of my paramedic father and my nurse mother, so please, watch out for others instead of bringing them down.

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    • Omigosh. That is the worst. My kids father is a paramedic and many of my friends are too. We shouldn’t disrespect anyone’s profession, but especially those who work in the emergency services and hospitals to keep us going. They work when we get time off.

    • Exactly my point. My dad has saved lives even when he wasn’t getting paid for it. He delivered a baby in a grocery store parking lot on his day off for crying out loud!

    • Indeed @confusedgirlinlove and @elauria, we should always treat people with respect especially those who provide such a wonderful public service to everyone, they are true heroes :) (hugs)