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    - "I feel so hopeless, depressed, worried, lost, scared, uncertain, alone and isolated :( , I will always be this reclusive loner, the future looks so very bleak, there is no hope for Oli, none :( "View
    Experience with: Bullying, Depression
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    - "I’m drifting in and out of rational thought. There is a part that is screaming to act on some primal urge to do what I want, what I perceive everyone else won’t care about. The assumption of their nonchalant […] "View
    Experience with: Bullying, Depression, Education, Relationships, Self Harm, Sexuality, Social Anxiety
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    - "Have a snapchat, add me c:: chinchilla_2 "View
    Experience with: Abuse, Addiction, Bullying, Depression, Eating Disorders, Education, General, Mental Disorders, Phobias, Relationships, Self Harm, Sexuality
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    - "Thanks to my new “I do not need romantic love” p.o.v, I have discovered that I would rather have a friendship like JD and Turk from Scrubs than a novel love story. So until I find my Turk, I will be enjoying my […] "View
    Experience with: Abuse, Bullying, Depression, Eating Disorders, General, Grieving, Mental Disorders, Phobias, Relationships, Social Anxiety