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    chrissybear posted an update 8 years ago

    missing my son more and more i dont know what to do the pain is pushing closer to the edge

    Mood : Hurt
    • While it hurts that you can’t hold him in your arms, you will always have him held in your heart. Do not see death as the end of existence, but merely a new stage of existence that we as people still here should be envious of when not living to appreciate every moment. Your son is free this world’s bias and politics, free of the greed and broken moral of this world. But he will never be without you. His energy will always be with you, and yours with him. Live on in this world as if he is watching and wanting to see his mother smile. I know its hard to lose someone, especially when you feel so attached to them, but its important to never see them as gone beyond the flesh. That’s all that is gone, the flesh, the love and soul still rules the energy around us; keeping us loving people. Talk to me anytime you need to.