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    CeciVizz posted an update 4 years ago

    A lot has happened the past few months. I have a new boyfriend and he seems to love me very much. We have been happy and everything and i think this is our biggest obstacle yet… today just was not my day. My ex fiance messaged me about a month ago and i haven’t stopped thinking about it, only because of what he said (that he was waiting for me and how he still loved me) and hearing all of that while i’m here trying to make a new relationship blossom, still hurt. So the other day i told my boyfriend who i have been dating for about 4 months that i’m falling in love with him since he has already told me that he has and i have been feeling the same. I kept thinking about what my ex would think about it all and it got to me. Also my new boyfriend has a coworker he hangs with from time to time who is a girl and at first i was a little bothered by it. But he wanted her and I to talk and i really like her. He doesn’t have that many friends (i introduced him to all of mine so he could feel included too) and now that she is introducing her to some of hers, he finally feels like he has people to hang with when he isn’t with me. It does make me happy. I got on skype today with them both and i just felt like an outcast. They see each other a lot and were talking about work and stuff and how he and her talked (like really good friends) made me feel like they both would be better together in a relationship. I told him that after the chat and we were on skype for about 2 hours talking about it. It was going in circles and i couldn’t see past what he was trying to say and that was how much he loves me and doesn’t see her in that light, only as an older sister and how they both have been trying to get me to go see them (they are in SA while i’m only 100 miles away) so all of us can hang out together and here i am thinking about him leaving me for her when that is far from the truth. I cried, i got frustrated with myself and hit my head really hard (ironically enough it knocked some sense into me) and now i don’t know what to do. He says he loves me and it upsets him when i talk the way i do about things that are not even true. He is in love with me he says and i just am so clouded with my thoughts it is hard for me to notice that. This all goes back to my ex and how he didn’t include me in things my new boyfriend is including me in now.

    What do i do to not let my thoughts consume me? I just don’t want to feel so depressed and useless and i don’t want to feel that way…. i just need help :(

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    • Oli replied 4 years ago

      I would go into the relationship that makes you the most happiest @cecivizz, I’m sure you will find the person that you feel most comfortable around Cecelia, everyone deserves true love in their lives, you do too, just be honest with your feelings to all sides involved, hope things work out for you, I’m always here if you need to chat, message me anytime if you want, my inbox is always open, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)