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    sunflower posted an update in the group Group logoVENTING 7 years ago

    so this guy and i have been friends for a couple years and we have always kinda had sexual tension..especially this past year. but neither one of us have ever said anything like ”i like you”..and at several times we have had incidences of madness love for eachother (probs in my head but whatever). and anyway, we were really hitting it off like flirtatiously a few months ago, but since im a stupid ass i didn’t even put together that he might like me or we could date so i just acted normal and sort of friend-zoned him. and thennnn when it was too late i put the signals together, and rite when i was going to go after him, a fucking sweedish chick grabs him and they date and it got awkward. but it ended and we are back to normal but im afraid it might be too late for me to go after him sence i already friendzoned him…but damn he’s sexyyy and sarcastic

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    • Dani replied 7 years ago

      Sounds like a good topic for a movie xD
      Think about your life in five years. Do you see him in it? If so, you should start flirting with him again. Don’t be afraid to make the first move ;)
      Good luck!