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    - "I’m so alone in this world, nobody cares about me, I’m always going to be this lost, pathetic and sad failure, it doesn’t get better for Oli, he is forever stuck in this hole of depression and loneliness, I want […] "View
    Experience with: Bullying, Depression
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    - "ello all, I need some advice. My mom and I have been close as long as I could remember. We were the best of friends through childhood and I was way closer to her than any of my siblings ever were. Problem is now […] "View
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    - "To passing strangers… Tell me, how do you chase after your dreams and follow your passion? I’m having trouble with mine. "View
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    - "In class but need someone to talk to. If anyone is interested, please pm me. "View
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    - "@midnightshow hah we kind of almost have similar bio. "View
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    - "what the fuck is even the point "View
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