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    Mel posted an update 2 years, 7 months ago

    I really hate this guy in my class. He’s so perverted and makes me uncomfortable. I wish he could just leave me alone. I’m too scared to tell any of the teachers in fear that he’ll get angry at me and probably do something. Plus I don’t think they’ll believe me. He acts so innocent in front of them. I don’t know what to do. I try avoiding him but he just won’t leave me. He would always drop his stuff on purpose in class and when he would get up he would touch my thigh. He always touches my ass too when we walk past each other. He always asks personal questions too. A day ago he asked me if I cut myself because he said that I looked emo. He makes me really uncomfortable and I don’t know how to make him go away.

    Mood : Uncomfortable
    • Reading that this person it’s treating you like that it’s infuriating. That kind of behaviour does lead to nothing good, and you don’t deserve to live in fear because of this… Miserable being. Do tell about it to someone you really trust, and try to find a solution to stop this behaviour. And never think people would be angry at you. YOU are the one being mistreated, the one that needs to be helped, the one that it’s the victim in this situation. Don’t be silent, you deserve to be heard.

    • Please tell someone about what this disgusting guy is doing to you @caramel4, he has absolutely no right to put his hands on you inappropriately and tell you inappropriate things, what he is doing to you is sexual assault, he should leave you alone Mel, as @m1s1m3 says, you are the victim here and you deserve to be heard, please reach out to someone in your school who you can trust and tell them what is going on, please know the BT community will always be here for you, we don’t want to see you being hurt by a horrible, disgusting guy, you deserve to be able to go to school and be safe Mel, please reach out to someone and tell them about this situation, you can do it Mel, inbox me anytime if you need to talk Mel, stay strong, you are never alone (hugs)

    • @caramel4

      That absolutely disgusts me. Almost nothing angers me more than a person violating another like this.
      I know you’re afraid to tell anyone, and trust me, do I understand that fear. But what he’s doing to you isn’t right and it isn’t going to stop, otherwise. Trust me when I say, if nothing gets done about it, the situation will only get worse. :(

      You need to talk to someone. Or even tell him to back off when he does such things to you. Standing up for yourself is your best bet if no one around you will listen. Show him that you aren’t his play-thing to fuck around with.

    • I agree with @m1s1m3 and @devilndisguise, do stand up for yourself because this horrible, evil and disgusting guy has absolutely no right to treat you like that @caramel4, do shout, scream and physically defend yourself if he comes near you Mel, please tell someone about this situation Mel, the BT community will always be here to support you Mel, inbox me anytime if you need to talk, stay strong, you are never alone (hugs)

    • @caramel4 that’s called sexual harassment and is a crime. You need to tell people. If you’re that scared try to record him or secretly take a pic of him doing that (I know you can’t in class but this is a self defense thing).
      Talk to a therapist in school or someone you feel will listen.
      Be strong, you can do this. I’m right here for you if you need it